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Easy Ways to Reset Canon MP237 Printer

How to Reset Canon MP237 Printer Basically, the Canon MP237 printer is one of the most popular printers in the business and office world, this is common because the price is very affordable and the features offered are also very complete.

Easy Ways to Reset Canon MP237 Printer

Besides being used to print documents, the Mp 237 printer can also be used to scan Documents and Photo Copy. This printer is also one of the printers that are reliable and easy to use

Every single printer process will store it on a chip in the printer, and if the chip's storage capacity exceeds the maximum limit, the printer will experience blinking and the printer cannot be used, which can also be experienced by the Canon Pixma MP 237 printer or also. on the MP 287 printer.

To overcome this, what must be done by resetting the printer so that the printer can be used again.

How to Reset Canon MP237 or Mp287:

  1. To reset the Canon MP237 you can download the reset tool first at the link below the article
  2. Turn off the printer first, if your Conon Pixma MP237 / MP287 printer is still on.
  3. Then you press the Stop / Reset button in the printer state to turn off and hold.
  4. Then you press the power button with the Stop / Reset button still stuck.
  5. Release the Stop / Reset button, while the power button is still stuck.
  6. When the power button is still stuck, press the Stop / Reset button again 6 times, then turn it off together with the power button.
  7. If it's done correctly, the computer will detect the new device, if that doesn't work then the computer won't detect the new device.
  8. Done

Resetter Canon MP237 Printer Click Here

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