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How to Reset Canon Printer Mp287 error 5b00

How to Reset Canon Printer Mp287. Error 5b00 on a Canon Mp287 printer or full abs ink absorber will occur on a canon-branded printer, no exception, it will happen, but to solve it you have to use the service tool or resetter program, to get the printer back to its original settings.

How to Reset Canon Printer Mp287

Well to reset Canon MP287 Printer Error 5B00 how, follow the tips that aladriver share for you all:

Follow the steps correctly in order to work

1. The printer is off the power cable is attached
2. Press and hold the stop / reset button
3. Press and hold the power button release the reset button
4. Press the stop button / reset 6x release the power button and stop / reset simultaneously
5. Open the service program tool v3400 that you have download Run as
6. Then follow the picture instructions below

Information :

  • Prepare 2 pieces of paper, when the button set on clear ink counter on click then the printer will print 1 sheet, wait until finished then click ok
  • Click the set button on the absorber ink counter then the power light will blink for a moment then click ok
  • Click EEprom then printer will print machine history, wait until finished then click ok

7. Turn off your printer and close its restore program
8. Restart your printer and the printer is ready for use again

Download Resetter Service tool Clik Here

Hopefully the article above can help you reset your favorite Canon Mp287 printer, thanks