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How to troubleshoot Canon printers E16 MP287

How to Troubleshoot Canon E16 MP287 Printer. Of the many errors on the Canon E16 printer, including errors that are quite common, This error will be very troublesome if you don't know how to handle it, but it's simple if we know-how.

How to Troubleshoot Canon E16 MP287 Printer

How to Troubleshoot Canon E16 MP287 Printer

  • Here are tips from us if you find events on the E16 monitor and printer, maybe the ink on the monitor or laptop PC has run out.
  • Error E16 indicates that one of the cartridges cannot be detected by the printer. So it needs manual handling, namely by pressing the STOP / RESET button and holding it for 5 seconds,
  • Then the printer will automatically continue printing.

This method also applies to E13 "Remaining ink level could not be detected" and E50 "Print Head alignment sheet scan failed" on Canon printers.

That's a simple way to solve problems with the Canon E16 MP287 printer, hopefully, it's useful for everyone.