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How To Troubleshoot Cartridge Not Recognized

How To Troubleshoot Cartridge Not Recognized. There are countless types of error if we use a Canon Printer and one of the most frequent types of errors that appear are the Cartrige Not Recognized.

How To Troubleshoot Cartridge Not Recognized

If you find a problem like that, it means that the Cartridge Chip could not be detected by the Carriage of the Printer Unit, or similarly if we don't pair the Cartridge to the Printer.

Well based on my experience, there are many that could have caused that to happen, and one of the reasons is because the Chip could be dirty, so try to clean it first at the chipnya. In addition, the main cause of the other is all too often we mecabut the cartridge from the holder, 

Maybe this is one of the disadvantages if we do not use the printer with a drip system, but if don't want to damn, live aja cartridgenya heehe dressing. Then everyone can. ..

Actually if this Error pops up I can say most likely you need to replace your Cartridge, but don't worry, Here there is one tip that I have ever used on my 1890 and Ip printer successfully, it was a long time ago, before I replace them with type Mp 287 right now, Well how do I solve it? 

How To Troubleshoot Cartridge Not Recognized

The way it is very simple. just follow the steps below

  1. Turn on your printer first, wait until the Cartridge stop hits the left and right,
  2. Well, Clay on the Monitor, which cartridge is undetected. for example here I say Color Cartridge, which is rather easy to explain.
  3. After you know which cartridge is not detected (color cartridge), lift the printer cover, then pull the color cartridge (which is not detected above).
  4. Close Cover Again, wait for the Cartridge Parking spot
  5. Reopen the printer cover then pull the black cartridge. and install the Color Cartridge
  6. Then close the Printer Cover on the display on your computer's monitor screen, if you see the Not Recognized Cartridge only image on the Black Cartridge it means you have successfully applied this method, and the last step is to put the black cartridge back into place. (Generally, up to this point the second cartridge has been read or detected)

However, if in stage 6 above it has been implemented and the two cartridges are not recognized, in this case the black and color cartridges, it means that your color is actually damaged. and have to replace it with a new cartridge.

May be directly in the above article and practise could successfully follow articles tips and how to recognize a printer from us. Thanks you so much.