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5 How to View Private Instagram Posts

How to View Private Instagram Posts. Want to see photo or video posts on private Instagram accounts? No need to worry, because the way to do it is quite easy.

How to View Private Instagram Posts

As is well known, in the digital era, data and privacy must always be maintained. in fact, nowadays almost everyone shares their personal data on their social media accounts.

Therefore, several social networking sites provide strong privacy settings, one of which is a private Instagram account. And one of them is the private Instagram account feature.

This private Instagram account feature aims to be able to determine only followers or followers who can view Instagram profiles.

This feature is proven to protect the privacy of people who don't want to see your Instagram account. However, it turns out that there are still ways to view private IG photos without even having to follow them.

Want to know how. directly we go to the subject that is meant below

How to view private Instagram posts

There are several ways you can do so you can see photos that claim to be private without having to follow them first

1. Borrow a Friend's Instagram Account

Most of the users have confirmed that they have an Instagram account, right? You can borrow your friend's Instagram account to see an Instagram account that is private without knowing that it is you.

What's more, if your friend's Instagram account has followed your target, work will be easier because you don't have to wait for follow requests to be accepted.

2. Creating a Fake Instagram Account

Try to make a second Instagram account, but make sure it looks real, add a bio, and make this Instagram account more attractive so that your target audience agrees to follow requests. This method is not recommended, because it is less ethical and disturbs someone's privacy.

3. Using Private Insta

Private Insta is a service for viewing private Instagram accounts without following. You only need to enter the username of the ig account you want to see posts for.

After you have entered your target username, a survey will appear and you have to fill it in first. Then you will be automatically taken to your Instagram profile and you can see the private photo and video posts for your Instagram account.

4. Using the InstaLooker Application

InstaLooker is a service that you can use to easily peek at private Instagram account profiles and posts. You will only go through a few clicks to be able to view private Instagram accounts.

All you have to do is simply enter the Instagram username of your target audience. Then click the Start Viewer button for this service to process your request.

It doesn't take a long time, the result of your request will appear. 

5. Through the InstaSpy application

InstaSpy is an easy way to view private Instagram photo and video posts. The reason is, you just need to follow a few steps to be able to view private Instagram profiles in a short time.

You can use this service to easily view photo or video posts from private Instagram accounts.

Of course you are very easy to see a private Instagram account, of course.


Maybe that's enough how to view a private Instagram account through this simple method.

Make your choice accordingly as I mentioned through the guide above.