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How to resolve Error 6000 Canon Pixma IP 2870

How to resolve Error 6000 Canon Pixma IP2870. This kind of error is very frustrating, I had encountered this kind of stuff when the printer Canon IP 2870 latest series belongs to a friend of mine who experienced this sort of thing.

How to resolve Error 6000 Canon Pixma IP2870

His printer using the system infusion of his shop so it was rather complicated in the process. One day the printer can not eject ink.

Due to a shortage of appropriate he raised his infusion tanks so that being in the position of the top of the printer, the ink is automatically right on the tanks pressed into the cartridge so that the cartridge is leaking. Drop it on the ink tanks are, he thinks.

When I check when the test print appears error code 6000. Error 6000 happens on Printer Canon IP2770 or 2870 IP usually occur caused ASF sensors to experience it as follows:

  • One of the Dirty Sensor (Sensor paper or Mechanical sensor), (can be with how cleaned up)
  • Sensors deterred by foreign bodies, such as small, thick dust or animal droppings.

The Solution :

  • Try to replace the Sensor, the possibility of Damaged ASF (try one by one it could be one or both of the sensors is broken) 
  • Check the Roll Paper Towing possibilities are functioning normally 
  • The last was forced to change the way the Board was already corrupted when Sircuit.